Coming to therapy is the first step in a hopeful direction. People come to therapy for many different reasons, at least part of which is an attempt to change something. If pain is one side of a coin and hope is the other, then the flip of a coin is choosing therapy. Change can be a scary word that snaps us right out of our comfort zone. While it’s true that therapy is not always an easy endeavor, it is meant to provide relief and healing. Therapy at its best is a partnership, two minds in open communication pursuing a clear goal.

EMDR Therapy for Kids, Adults and Families

EMDR stands for Eye Movement Reprocessing and Desensitization. EMDR is a type of therapy developed by Francine Shapiro that works directly with trauma and the triggers associated with traumatic experiences. Trauma can be a defining event that is hard to forget or move on from.

Therapy for kids

The language of kids is behavior. Rather than tell a caregiver how they feel, they act it out. Caregivers with kids that are acting out are not just managing difficult behavior, but their own reactions to that behavior, not to mention the work of running a family!